Your Trust, Our Growth

  • Website/Software design, development and Maintenance
  • ERP Software Development & Other customized Software
  • IT / Infrastructure Support
  • Payroll Management
  • Recruitment Outsourcing & Recruitment
  • BPO / Data Processing Center
  • DTP


We are constantly working on the needs of the constantly changing business. So we provide customized solutions to suit –
  • Online & Offline Data Entry ( According to Customized Software )
  • IT / Infrastructure Support (Online / Offline)
  • ERP Software Development & Other customized Software
  • Website design & development
  • Hardware and IT Service Desk
  • Payroll Management
  • Recruitment & RPO
  • DTP

We help the company to solve any IT related issue and provide the administrative management of our employees including HR Management, Payroll, and other benefits administration.

When you hire us as your IT/staffing agency, we would work just like your company's own Department, minus the hassles and tediousness that you’d otherwise have to deal with. Our Focus is on raising Productivity through improved quality, efficiency as well as cost reduction and customer satisfaction.

Web Design
Custom Programming is about meeting your specific online requirements. Configure your website according to your evolving business functions.

ERP/ E-Commerce
E–Commerce is a procedure of modern business which addresses the need of business organizations, vendors and customers to reduce cost and improve the quality of goods and services while increasing the speed of delivery.

Product Development
Our Product Development offering includes solutions, services and product development lifecycle, from idea through architecture to build and production implementation across various business stages.

Web Application
Web Applications are influential productivity & functionality tools that utilize the accessibility advantage of the web. Being capable in Web Application Architecture, we develop feature rich Web Applications that are built from ground up.

Website Maintenance
Regular and timely maintenance of website is a critical task which many ignore. Not when you have a website maintenance agreement with us. We make sure your website is updated with the latest content and your search engine ranking stays on top.

IT / Infrastructure Support
Downtime can cost your enterprise dearly. So can outdated technology. Your business-critical systems hold the key to profitability and customer experience. We ensures that you are able to deliver superlative customer experiences with IT infrastructure that stays available and accessible. Whether it’s on-premise, cloud-enabled, or mobile-enabled.

We offers flexible and customized infrastructure support solutions to match your business needs. We partner with you in your strategies, while providing insights into the infrastructure, to maintain a high degree of flexibility with our self-service tools. We provide end-to-end support for your servers, desktops, network devices, and business application infrastructure. Our focus areas are clear and we partner with you in achieving your business goals by making your IT infrastructure a catalyst for higher efficiencies and productivity. We ensure a closer alignment of IT and business through higher operational efficiency and process optimization at an optimal cost payment structures. Our enterprise-class monitoring and management solution integrates seamlessly across your business units, providing the much needed support across the connected enterprise.

Payroll Services:        
Payroll being an important function for any organization requires specialization and a clear understanding of applicable laws in processing the payroll of employees. Realizing this requirement, and also to help foster confidentiality and administrative convenience, we provide a wide-range of payroll services to our clients. 
By dedication, it is our main mission to provide you and your employees the finest payroll support available anywhere at the lowest possible cost to you.
We offer a number of payroll options for the employees who exclusively work and support the employers business. The employer enjoys full freedom to fix a rate of pay and we deploy those employees that fit the profile and handle their payroll, wages, leaves, compensations and other payment related issues.

Employer benefits include:
  • Increased resources but decreased administrative obligations
  • Reduced overheads and paperwork
  • Increased flexibility of operations
  • Focus Better on Your Core Business
  • Reduce Costs and Risks
WORRY-FREE - No headaches, no hassles, no stress, and no worries: You’re left to focus on running your business knowing you payroll obligations are dealt with correctly, efficiently and lawfully.
SPEED - As payroll service providers are specialists, they can process even the most complex payrolls at a great speed, providing a quick turnaround time on your payroll when required. 
ACCURACY - Payroll mistakes can be painful, upsetting and stressful. A good payroll service provider is far less likely to make a serious error than your in-house staff, as you are paying them for their expertise, knowledge and finely-tuned checking procedures they have in place. 

RPO Services:

RPO is a beneficial service in many ways. It decentralizes the work and task to be distributed further among different expertise helping the main company to retain its productivity and viability. RPO thus offers an expertise service of choosing the right personnel at the right place. RPO professionals not only find the people but interview, train and put them into the right places. In a way, RPO is a crucial task of finding the right talent for the right job.

 Most HR departments simply don't have enough bandwidth to cover all of their company's recruiting needs in this situation. We are ready to step into your existing structure to augment the recruitment process throughout the entire enterprise or wherever you need us. Using recruitment process outsourcing for a department where you have the heaviest need, such as Sales or Operation, can lower your cost and reduce time-to-fill while providing consistency and uniformity within the workforce. We can also manage all the sourcing, screening, and measurement tactics for your entire organization, while you’re existing HR team handles the interviewing, hiring and on boarding processes. Choosing which portions of the recruitment process you want to outsource, provides the flexibility to decide what is best for your business. We allow both large and mid-sized companies to attain a world-class recruitment function. 

The benefits of using our RPO service:
•Quick access to most qualified and skilled man power.
•Reduced time to recruit staff.
•Reduced recruitment costs. 
•Removal of administrative burdens of recruitment. 
•Improved retention of staffs.
•Mitigation of operational risks.
•Accessing the best available technology. 
•Greater management buy-in to the recruitment process.